Mask N95 Medical Portable Light Sterilization Machine Uv Sterilizer
Mask N95 Medical Portable Light Sterilization Machine Uv Sterilizer - 2020-04-27 11:11:28
Mask N95 Medical Portable Light Sterilization Machine Uv Sterilizer

SIZE: 2000*1000*1350mm  
PACKAGE: wooden case  

Machine introduction(The equipment body size) 

1. Total equipment length: 2000mm 

2. Working area: 1000mm 

3. Feeding operation area: 500mm 

4.Discharging operation area: 500mm 

5. Entrance height: 200mm 

6. Entrance width: 500mm 

7. Conveyor belt from the ground: 750 ± 20mm 

What is the purpose of this Surgical Mask N95 Medical Portable Light Sterilization Machine Uv Sterilizer?

 A. Use high-efficiency, high-intensity and ultra-long-life UV-C low-pressure ultraviolet sterilization lamps, with a lamp life of more than 8000-10000 hours. 

B. Use high-transmittance, high-purity quartz sleeves, UV transmittance is above 96% 

C. Ultraviolet rays refer to solar rays with a wavelength between 200nm and 380nm, including three types: UV-A wavelength is 315nm to 380nm, 

UV-B wavelength is 280nm to 315nm, 

 UV-C wavelength is 200nm to 280nm.

D.Of the solar rays (290nm-2000nm) reaching the Earth's surface, about 13% of the ultraviolet rays are UV-A, 97%, UV-B, and 3%, and UV-C is close to zero. Only UV-A and UV-B are harmful to human skin. UV-C lamps made by a special process for disinfection.

 E. Among them, UV-C ultraviolet rays are the most effective ones. UV rays around 253.7nm are the best. Ultraviolet rays can kill a variety of microorganisms, including bacterial propagules, spores, mycobacteria, viruses, fungi, rickettsials, and mycoplasma, etc., which has a broad spectrum. Its sterilization principle is to irradiate microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses with ultraviolet rays to destroy the structure of DNA (DNA) in the body, causing it to die or lose its ability to reproduce immediately. 

F. Can be used to sterilize various dry foods, such as: tableware, disposable tableware, masks, paper, red dates, sweet herbs; bottles; and other products for surface sterilization. Widely used in hospitals, food, disinfection cabinets, water treatment equipment.

The equipment body size Equipment 

full length 2000mm 

Working area 1000mm 

Feeding area 500mm 

Discharging operation area 500mm 

Entrance height 200mm

 Entrance width 500mm 

Distance from the conveyor belt to the ground 750 ± 20mm T

he main structure of the equipment

 A. Outer body of working area tunnel: 1.2mm high quality stainless steel 

B. Working chamber tunnel cavity: 1.0mm mirror stainless steel plate 

C. Body support frame: a set of square steel (stainless steel) 

D. Air transport system: 1 set of forced air transport exhaust fan (extracts harmful gas) 

E. Conveyor belt: Teflon mesh belt 

F. Ultraviolet tube: use 16 (20W) UV germicidal tubes. Install up, down, left and right. (The tube is a vulnerable part: no warranty) 

G. Balance device: 4 horizontal feet H. 30-40 sterilization masks per minute. Masks stay in the lamp for 60 seconds. The effect is the best.

 Equipment electrical parts

A. Main switch: 20A 

B. Total power: 1.5KW 

C. Range of electronic belt stepless speed regulation: 0-3m / min 

D. Transportation motor: (ordinary motor) 0.75KW (1:20) 

E. Governor: electronic stepless speed regulation 

F. Exhaust fan: D-125 (1 set) 

G. Voltmeter: 220V H. Working voltage: 220V (± 5) 50Hz.

 Sterilization device Light source part:

 It adopts 16 (470cm) irradiating germicidal lamps, sterilized on all sides. It is evenly distributed in the furnace. It can be installed on the top and bottom. It can be sterilized on all sides to achieve a strong sterilization effect. There is a reflective device (mirror stainless steel plate in the inner box). When the product passes through the sterilization line, the use rate of ultraviolet light can be greatly increased up to 90%. Each group of germicidal lamps can be controlled individually, and an adjusting device that can adjust the angle of the UV lamp is added.

1.The wave peak is 253.7nm. Monitor the use time of the lamp at any time to facilitate the replacement of the lamp. : Ultraviolet tube radiation (irradiation) dose can radiate more than 70μW / cm

2. Protective device 

A. Over-voltage and over-current protection 

B. Failure alarm prompt 

C. Equipment overload protection 


Mask N95 Medical Portable Light Sterilization Machine Uv Sterilizer